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Estelle’s Secret

An international beauty business founded by a hair stylist that wanted to provide affordable hair extensions without sacrificing quality. I self-funded and purchased the business from the previous owner who no longer had time to maintain the business; I recognized the strong client base, with repeat customers and incredible community engagement across social media and beauty influencers. The opportunity to evolve the brand identity, enter new markets (e.g. weddings), and diversify clientele (salons) to improve revenue and cash flow were the main drivers for my desire to add the business to my e-commerce portfolio.

Fire Blossom Candle Company

I created this company with the intent to make special celebrations even more special. How? By offering a product that brings smiles,”oohs” and “awes” from everyone. A Fire Blossom is a unique candle most often used for birthdays, but can be used for any special occasion. Integrating a social component that supports a worthy cause was also important to me when creating this company – as such, we donate a portion of each sale to Operation: Smile, an international children’s medical charity that heals children’s smiles. 

DIY Survival Backpack

Most families have a desire to prepare for emergencies, but often limited time and lack of knowledge prevent them from doing so. One easy way for families to prepare for emergencies is by building a survival backpack aka an emergency kit. The intent of this site is to educate families in an easy-to-digest manner on how to build a survival backpack and offer my recommendations to help streamline the process.

Rich With Inspiration (Work in Progress!)

Inspired by Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset philosophy, I wanted to create a place to help others in their journey to live the life they have always wanted to lead. Rich With Inspiration is a hub for curated inspirational and motivational content. However, the point is not simply to consume content, but to move you to take action. We help cultivate a community that supports you in taking that next step, no matter how big or small. 

Room Escape Club (Coming Soon!)

I am a huge fan of Real Life Room Escape Games – a fast-growing social activity for people that love logic puzzles. Given it is a relatively new phenomenon, I was hard-pressed to find one place that contained comprehensive information on room escape games. As such, I decided to create a hub for the community of room escape game enthusiasts and newcomers looking to find out more.